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Thinking immigration? Think 1ˢᵗ Citizen.

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1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer is all about upholding rule of law and peoples’ rights & freedoms with passion, compassion and perseverance.

Our authorisation from the British OISC is a testament to our expertise in the areas of immigration, citizenship and human rights law.

Our matchless reputation for excellence is acknowledged worldwide, setting us apart as the best law firm in the UK for advice & representation in UK visa, immigration, citizenship, as well as human rights applications & appeals.

Not only do we specialize exclusively in immigration and citizenship law, but we also charge affordable fixed fees, delivering value far beyond what general solicitors typically provide.

Everyday from our London and Birmingham offices, we make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives with top notch advice aimed to get the best possible results for them.

Book an online, phone or office consultation today to develop the best possible case in line with the rules and increase your prospects of success.

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