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No matter how complex or unusual your immigration problem, we have the expertise to solve it. Read on, get to know more about our qualifications, background, achievements and what sets us apart and makes us tick.

We’re known as one of the most trusted British law firms in the World and have been featured on some of the most prestigious media outlets including Parliamentary Review, CIO, Computerworld, and the BBC, in the USA, Norway, Germany and the UK.

Businesses, multinationals and individual clients from around the world come to us for the best possible legal advice & representation as we go the extra mile to get results for them.

Our inimitable global reputation, successful track record of legal practice and world class team make 1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer the best immigration, nationality and human rights law firm in the UK.

Our core specialisation and affordable fixed fees deliver value far beyond what non-specialist solicitors may provide.

Our contribution to the cause of civil rights, democracy and rule of law is acknowledged worldwide.

This is the kind of energy and background we have that no one can match.

1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer is based in the heart of London, a stone’s throw away from Kings Cross station.

Our office in Birmingham is also strategically located in city centre near iconic Grand Central, Victoria Square and MailBox.

Both locations have easy public transport access and parking options.

Our philosophy

Citizen Lawyer – [sit-uh-zuhn] [ law-yer, loi-er ]- noun

A citizen lawyer is a lawyer who is driven by his passion and vision of fairness and equality to fight the injustices and prioritize the welfare of society.

They make it their mission to serve the public and uphold the values of the rule of law and strive to improve the fairness, efficiency, and accessibility of the legal system. Overall, a citizen lawyer is driven by a desire to use their legal skills and resources to make a positive impact on society.

Whilst a citizen lawyer, like other lawyers, may also represent and further the ends of his clients’ personal interests, what really makes them “Citizen Lawyers”, is that they also devote time and effort to public ends and values: the service of the society, their communities, the ideal of the rule of law, and reforms to enhance the law’s efficiency, fairness, and accessibility.

Our firm was founded and named “1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer” based on our conviction that each human-being’s rights must come first and foremost irrespective of his status, colour or creed. At 1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer, therefore, we endeavor to ensure our clients’ legal rights and liberties are respected, honoured and upheld against the dangers of an overbearing state.

Everything that we do at 1ˢᵗ Citizen Lawyer and our name and logo showing a simple man fighting a powerful bloodthirsty and vicious lion reflect this philosophy which is also our mission statement.

To learn more about what being a Citizen Lawyer is all about read the paper by, Yale Law School’s Chancellor Kent Professor Emeritus of Law and Legal History and Professorial Lecturer in Law, Professor Robert W. Gordon entitled: The Citizen Lawyer – A Brief Informal History of a Myth with Some Basis in Reality.

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