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Read on to learn more about the British passport eligibility.

Most importantly, consider getting specialist legal advice and representation for your passport application. This is because the underlying rules and process are complex and you, as a layperson, may not be able to interpret the rules and apply them to your circumstances correctly.

A refusal with prejudice may also make a future application much more complex or even impossible in certain circumstances. Getting specialist legal advice and representation at an early stage is therefore advisable to maximize the prospects of success.

1. What is a British passport?

The British passport is for British citizens serving as evidence of their identity and nationality. If you are a British citizen by birth or have become one by registration, naturalisation or operation of the British Nationality law, you may apply for British passport at any time.

The British passport is also a confirmation of your right to reside and work freely in the UK and Ireland to establish yourself as a worker, or in business, and to sponsor dependent family members.

The British passport is the most useful immigration document in the world as British citizens can visit more countries in the world than Americans, Canadians, Australians or Germans.

British passport is world’s most useful passport offering visa free access to over 173 countries

To put this in perspective the British passport holders can visit 173 countries as opposed to American, German, Canadian and Australian nationals who can visit 172, 170 and 168 countries respectively – giving British citizens the best visa free access to other countries in the world.

If you are not a British citizen but hold one of the following nationalities you may be able to apply for a British passport. However you will not have right of abode in the UK: 

♠ British overseas territories citizen; 
♠ British overseas citizen; 
♠ British subject; 
♠ British national (overseas); 
♠ British protected person. 

Please note that the holders of these other types of British nationalities may, in limited circumstances, apply to have right of residence in the UK and to become British Citizens.

Those applicants who do not have the right supporting documentation to apply for British passport may be able to apply for the confirmation of their nationality status. Please click here to book your consultation for further advice on your desired application.

Application for British Passport

Applications for the British passports are made to the UK government’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS) which is charged with the responsibility to maintain and issue passports. All applicants over the age of sixteen (16) applying for passport for the first time have to attend an interview with IPS to verify their identity. It may take 6 weeks for your passport application to be processed.

Fast Track & Premium Service

If time is of essence and you need to renew your passport urgently, IPS offers fast-track one-week service and a premium one-day service. Both services require an appointment at a Passport Office. In some cases IPS may take longer to assess your application in order to confirm your particulars and verify your countersignatures.

Why us?

The immigration lawyers and advisers at Citizen Lawyer in London & Birmingham specialise in applications for British Passport and provide friendly, reliable and professional immigration advice and services ensuring your application meets all application rules and regulations.

As soon as we receive instructions from you with regards to your application for British Passport, we will come on record as your lawyers and take care of everything from ongoing advice and evidence collation to application preparation, submissions and getting a decision on your application.

All of this is done by specialist UK citizenship lawyers at affordable fixed fees and we keep you updated from start to the completion of the work.

Is there anything else I should consider when applying for a passport?

If you’d like to apply for the British passport please be aware that applicants can be refused even where they may appear to meet the applicable legal requirements. Such refusals are attributable to the applicant’s failure to provide evidence in the format required by the rules or them being legally illiterate failing to properly interpret and apply the law to their own circumstances. Some of the consequences of such refusal are:

 that the applicants lose the application fees
 that the applicants have to spend much more on reviews with little or no prospects as the law prohibits applicants to rely upon new evidence which wasn’t submitted with the original application;
 that they might have to apply again with more fees to pay
 that the future applications might become complicated or even impossible, in certain unfortunate cases

The applicant, as a result, not not only loses the application but also the application fees. It is therefore critical that proper nationality law advice and representation is sought before you submit your case to the Home Office to ensure you meet all applicable rules and policy guidelines increasing your prospects of success.

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