EEA Registration Certificate

You will only be eligible to apply if you are exercising your EEA Treaty rights i.e., working, studying or able to support yourself independently. The EEA includes all EU states and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and, for immigration purposes, Switzerland.


You can download the form and either apply to the Home Office by post or apply in person at a premium service centre. You will have to include all supporting documents that can evidence that you are an eligible person as outlined in EEA (Immigration) Regulations 2006. There will be a Home Office fee of £55 payable at the time of application.

In case you are a dependent, you can only use the premium service if you’re:

 a married partner of the main applicant;  a civil partner of the main applicant; a sibling of the main applicant; or ♠ a child dependent under 22.

You can’t use the premium service if you’re applying as an unmarried partner.

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