Corporate Immigration for Employers

Our corporate immigration division offers cost effective UK immigration services to employers – businesses, banks and multinational – and high net worth clients from around the world to the most exacting standards – empowering them to:

recruit foreign talent;Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Licence London UK
transfer employees and skills;
 relocate key personnel and set up corporate presence in UK;
manage business visas;
secure sponsorship licences;
issue certificates of sponsorship; and
achieve compliance with immigration regulations.

By working with employers to streamline their immigration processes we enable them to maximise efficiency whilst ensuring their visas and immigration related tasks are performed cost effectively.

Our Immigration lawyers are one of the most reputable in the UK for their inimitable expertise and experience. We deliver quality immigration advice across the full range of corporate UK Immigration, including expertise in investor, entrepreneur and nationality law applications.

Our world class expertise is derived from:
 Our background of advising Fortune 500 corporations
 Experienced professionals from a combination of legal, consulting and industry backgrounds delivering tailored made solutions to achieve compliance without compromising commerciality;
 Continuing professional development and excellence in evolving corporate immigration policies to ensure you stay on top of changes in British Immigration legislation and processes;
Regular interaction with British immigration authorities and overseas consular posts strengthening our network of contacts in different jurisdictions;
 Providing an all inclusive service covering immigration, company and trademark registration, and assignment management (relocation, removals and coordination)

With presence in the British capital London and Birmingham – the two largest cities in the UK – reinforced by a support network of representative offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we can serve our clients in any part of the world in which they operate.

We have a proven track record of coordinating global engagements from our offices in London and Birmingham and have advised and helped leading multinationals from around the world including EU headquartered organisations and Fortune 500 companies in the USA.

Our global background and experience empowers us to proactively identify and address patterns, risks and opportunities driving outcomes whilst maximising value and returns for our clients. We collaborate with our clients strategically to devise and implement processes delivering a robust and compliant program.

Key UK Immigration services
Consular Visa services

With our global network of immigration firms we are well positioned to make visa appointments and applications at any Consulate or Embassy worldwide.

Points Based System (PBS) and prevention of illegal working services

 On site or remote immigration training and support and briefings for relevant recruitment chain and wider business
 Review of internal immigration and HR systems, policies and processes to ensure compliance with stringent immigration rules
 Legal advice, application and representation services with regards to Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence
 Training updates on compliance with the evolving PBS, Immigration rules and policies
 Managing Level 1 and 2 duties for clients
 Review of candidate eligibility and supporting evidence with regards to PBS
 Operating Sponsor Management System and issue Certificate of Sponsorship on behalf of clients
 Expiry date management for continued compliance
 Annual checking service and on-site review to validate migrant workers status
 Advice, application and legal representation with regards to Tier 2 and other business visa applications, extensions, and administrative reviews
 Indefinite leave to remain and citizenship
 Prevention of illegal working thereby eliminating the risk of bad press and high penalties

Compliance check

Home Office often does a pre-application or post-application review of employer’s HR processes and rates the sponsor’s compliance on a three point scale (1 being the best score and 3 the worst).  In doing so they look at the five areas below:

 Monitoring immigration status
 preventing illegal working
 Maintaining migrant workers’ key details
 Record keeping
 Migrant tracking and monitoring
 Recruitment policies and professional accreditations, if any.

A sponsor who receives a 1 or near 1 rating in each of these areas will get “A” rating under the PBS. The sponsor will need to maintain the score in each of the given areas to be able to maintain the “A” rating, and a compliance audit by Home Office in future might result in degradation of the rating or complete withdrawal of the sponsor licence.

One of the benefits of “A” rating is that your employee will not have to meet the financial maintenance requirement at the time of making the visa application.