Applications for additional support

Refugee Children

Section 96(2) of the 1999 Act sets out that if the Home Office considers that the circumstances of a particular case are exceptional, further support may be provided to the supported person and any dependants in such other ways as considered necessary. If it is considered that further support is necessary, this may be provided in a variety of ways, including:

• in cash

• in kind

• by changes to accommodation arrangements

• by changes to other arrangements

Pregnant women and young children may have further needs. These are usually met through the existing additional cash allowances to pregnant women and children aged under 3, as well as through the maternity payments to expectant mothers.

It is possible, however, that in a given circumstance, the normal cash allowance, including the additional payments mentioned above, may not be capable of meeting a specific need. In such circumstances, an application for further support may be considered. Each request should be dealt with on its own individual merits.

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