Major Changes to Immigration Rules Announced

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The UK government has announced a major overhaul of immigration rules to reduce net migration. Regrettably, the changes will adversely affect key workers, families, businesses, and the overall British economy. In this article we’ll discuss what these changes are and how they might affect you.

  1. Fewer Family Members for Health & Care Workers
  2. Higher Salary Requirement for Skilled Workers
  3. Higher Salary Requirement for Family Visa Sponsors
  4. New Immigration Salary List
  5. Graduate Visa Changes
  6. Effect on Existing Visa Holders
  7. Implementation Date
  8. Get help

1. Fewer Family Members for Health & Care Workers:

Overseas care workers applying for a Health and Care Worker visa will no longer be able to bring their parents and dependent children to the UK.

Care providers in England can only sponsor migrant workers doing activities regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

2. Higher Salary Requirement for Skilled Workers:

The minimum salary for skilled workers is going up from £26,200 to £38,700.

Health and care workers will be exempt from this higher salary requirement.

3. Higher Salary Requirement for Family Visa Sponsors:

British citizens and those with Settled Status or Indefinite Leave in the UK sponsoring family members will need a higher income, increasing from £18,600 to a whopping £38,700.

For those looking to sponsor a partner by relying on savings, they must now have access to £112,750 instead of £62500. This figure is based on the current method used to calculate the minimum required cash savings.

4. New Immigration Salary List:

The good old Shortage Occupation List is changing to something called ‘Immigration Salary List’.

There won’t be a 20% allowable salary reduction for jobs in high demand.

The government will review the list to reduce the number of jobs with shortages.

5. Changes to the Graduate Visa:

Rules for dependents under the Graduate visa route will be the same as for student visa holders.

6. Effect on Existing Visa Holders:

The new rules won’t yet affect existing visas.

However, when existing visas are up for renewal, they must meet the new requirements.

This might be a problem for those with limited leave to remain who don’t meet the new salary requirements.

7. When do these changes take effect:

These changes will become effective from Spring 2024 and all new visa applications as follows:

– Minimum income requirement for British citizens to sponsor foreign spouses and partners increases from £18,600 to £29,000 for applications on 11 April 2024

– Earnings for skilled worker visa increase from £26,200 to £38,700 for applications on 4 April 2024

– 20% discount for qualifying earnings on shortage occupation jobs also to be introduced but commencement date not explicit. More rules announced on 14 March

It’s advisable that you make an application before these changes become effective if possible.

8. Get help

If you want tailored advice on how these changes could affect you, your family or business, book an online, phone, or office consultation today.

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