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Community sponsorship was introduced in response to the desire for the whole of civil society to play a greater role in resettling the most vulnerable refugees.

Being a community sponsor can bring enormous benefits to the local community, through the generosity of local people, and allowing different groups to become directly involved in helping refugees to begin new lives in the UK.

  • The ‘Making it happen’ guide is a collection of information sheets covering a range of subjects intended to provide community sponsors and groups interested in becoming a community sponsor with additional support and advice.

  • The community sponsorship video document contains existing community sponsors talking about what it has meant to them to welcome a refugee family into their community.

Local authorities play an important role in sponsorship and must provide written consent to enable an organisation to sponsors a family. Guidance has been developed for Local Authorities to help them make an informed decision when considering approaches from sponsors.

You can read more information on how to apply to become a sponsor.

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