Surinder Singh Application Route

If you’re a British citizen and cannot reunite with your loved ones because you do not meet the stringent requirements of the Surinder Singh Applications - Citizen Lawyer London UKUK Immigration Rules you may rely on judgment given by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case of Surinder Singh.

The good old judgment provides that if you have exercised EEA treaty rights in another EU member State your EEA Free Movement Rights will extend to the UK when you return to the UK enabling you to bring your family members here.

The Surinder Singh application route therefore offers a much easier way for British citizens to secure entry into the UK for their overseas family members, without having to comply with much more stringent UK immigration requirements such as the £18,600 minimum earnings and unprecedented savings requirements.

Having worked in another EEA country for at least 3 months, British citizens can make a Surinder Singh application and invoke their European citizenship rights which are superior to their rights as British citizens.

But a new judgment on 12 March 2014 from the Grand Chamber of the Court of the European Union – O v The Netherlands Case C‑456/12 – has totally re-written the Surinder Singh application principle.


UPDATE: Surinder Singh route will close on 29 March 2022 at 2300 GMT.

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