Apply for Tier 1 UK Investor Visa

Tier 1 Investor Visa Scheme is the most attractive proposition for high net-worth families considering relocation to the UK. Despite the bleak economic outlook of the World, London has consistently kept the crown as one of the top 2 most influential global cities for high net-worth individuals and top 4 for billionaires – beating New York in many respects.

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Let Citizen Lawyer Take Care of Your Investor Visa

When we speak with clients, especially from Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, China and the Middle East, about their primary reasons for choosing the UK for investment and immigration, they highlight the UK’s attractive property market, world class financial sector and excellent healthcare, justice and education system.

With an investment from £2 million, not only that you will benefit from the UK’s thriving and stable economy with great returns on investment, you and your family members will also have the opportunity to become permanently settled in the UK within a matter of just 2, 3 or 5 years. What’s more you will become eligible to apply for British citizenship and passport after just a year of settlement.

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How much Investment is required as a minimum for the UK Investor Visa?

In order to succeed in your investor visa application you have to demonstrate:

that you have at least £2 million under your control, held in a regulated financial institution; and
that the funds are freely transferable to the UK and is held in a regulated financial institution; and
that you have opened a bank account with a UK regulated bank for the purpose of investing no less than £2 million in the UK.

Do I have to provide evidence of the source of funds in the Investor Visa application?

You do not have to evidence the source of these funds unless you have held them for less than two years. Nevertheless, the Home Office will need to be satisfied as to the provenance of your funds.

Do I need to provide a criminal record certificate?

All applicants applying for a UK Investor visa from overseas and their spouses must provide an overseas criminal record certificate for any country that they have lived in for at least 12 months in the last 10 years.

Do I need to pass an English Language test?

The UK Investor visa applicants are not required to pass an English language test.

Do I need to meet any ‘Maintenance Funds’ requirement?

The UK Investor visa applicants are not required to meet any maintenance funds requirement.

How long will the Investor Visa be granted for?

If you apply from overseas and successfully demonstrate that you meet the requirements you will be given your tier 1 investor visa with a validity of 3 years and 4 months. In country applicant’s are given the visa for at least 3 years.

What are the conditions of the Tier 1 Investor visa?

Within 3 months of the grant of the visa you’re required to invest at least £2 million in actively trading UK companies.  You will have to maintain your investment throughout the length of the visa.

What else can I do on a Tier 1 Investor visa?

Investor visa holders are allowed to work, study, invest, and do business just like any other UK residents. You can also be accompanied or joined by your spouse and children.

How can I extend my Investor visa?

You will be able to extend your Tier 1 Investor visa for an additional 2 years in which you will need to continue to maintain your investment in accordance with the applicable rules.

When can I apply for permanent residence or settlement?

The Tier 1 Investor visa holders can apply for permanent residence, indefinite leave to remain, in the UK after a period of 2, 3 or 5 years based on the amount of funds invested under the scheme.

With a £2 Million investment you can apply for permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain (also known as settlement) after 5 years.

Can I apply for permanent residence earlier than 5 years?

Yes you can apply for permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain after either 3 years (if you invest at least £5 million) or 2 years (if you invest at least £10 million).

Can I live outside the UK without compromising my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain?

To succeed in your application to permanently settle in the UK, you must not have been absent from the UK for longer than 180 days in any 12-month period.

Do I have to pass English language test and Life in the UK test to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain?

Yes, you have to pass both an approved English language test and Life in the UK test, unless you’re aged 65 or over, under 18. You are also exempt from these tests if you’re suffering from a long-term illness or disability that severely restricts your mobility and ability to attend language classes; or if you have a mental impairment which prevents you from learning another language.

Are there any other legal requirements for the investor visa application?

There are additional requirements to succeed in an application for extension or indefinite leave to remain depending on whether your initial visa was granted between 6 November 2014 and 28 March 2019 or on or after 29 March 2019

You’re required to be: at least 16 years old; provide genuine identification and bio-metric information; submit evidence in the prescribed legal format; and make a valid application for your tier 1 investor visa as per the immigration rules.

You will also need to show:

♠ that you don’t fall for refusal under the general grounds of refusal which mainly deal with your character, associations and conduct including any criminal convictions, civil judgments etc;
♠ that you spent the relevant time in the UK continuously as an Investor and have not been overseas for more than 180 days in any year; and
♠ that you have not been in the UK in breach of immigration rules except that overstaying, with a good reason, for 14 days or less will be disregarded.

Your application for investor visa will be refused if:

♠ the supporting documents are not in the formats specified by the UK Visas & Immigration;
♠ your presence in the UK is deemed not conducive to the public good;
♠ if you have been in breach of any immigration conditions;
♠ if you withhold relevant information or do not answer any of the questions in the application truthfully.

What can I do if my Investor Visa application is refused?

If an application for Tier 1 Investor visa is refused, the applicant will have a right of “administrative review” of the decision.

The applicant will only be able to rely on the information and evidence already submitted to the UK Visas & Immigration and will not be allowed to submit fresh evidence.

It is therefore advisable to seek professional immigration advice and representation when making your visa application or the request for the review of any adverse decision.

How can you help me with my Tier 1 Investor Visa? 

As with any other legal matter it pays to get professional advice from an authorized immigration lawyer before applying for the Tier 1 Investor visa. That will ensure that your application is professionally drafted and submitted with sound legal arguments and evidence to back it up.

Citizen Lawyer are known as the UK’s favorite immigration lawyers and have been featured on prestigious media outlets including the BBC, InfoWorld and the Parliamentary Review alongside the British Prime Minister.

Please feel free to book an online/telephone or office consultation with our specialist immigration lawyers for legal advice on your eligibility, application process and the way forward.

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Are there other UK Visa Schemes which don’t require so much in investment ?

Yes. You may consider the Start up or Innovator visa route which require you to have an innovative yet practical business idea. You can apply for Global Talent Visa, Skilled Worker visa, or Tier 2 (Intra Company Transfer) Visa, or Overseas Business Representative Visa. Please feel free to book a consultation for advice on these visas.

Useful Tips for Tier 1 Investor Visa Application

  • Funds under your control can be held jointly with a spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner.
  • The funds can be received by you as a gift.
  • The supporting evidence must be in a specified format approved by the UK Visas & Immigration.
  • The invested funds must be maintained throughout the validity of the visa if you were granted your visa under the old rules. Therefore you may need to show that any shortfall in investment was made up by the next quarter.
  • For initial visa application the funds do not need to be in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). However the funds held must be equivalent to the required amount in GBP on the date of application.