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It always pays to get specialist advice before making a visa or citizenship application as it may be refused just because of you failing to properly understand the complex laws and the strict evidential requirements.

Once refused, prospects of success in future applications are also doomed as your record may be tarnished. As most refusals have neither a right of appeal nor refunds for costly fees, they cause further set back to an otherwise eligible applicant.

The successful applicants, on the other hand, have specialist advice & representation behind them.

Citizen Lawyer offer initial advice and eligibility assessment through to full evidence collation, application preparation, submission and legal representation to help you make a water-tight application.

Citizen Lawyer are authorised by the British OISC, and specialise exclusively in immigration and citizenship law unlike general practise solicitors. Not only that, we charge affordable fixed fees – making us a law firm that is not only affordable but also one that commands your confidence and trust.

Each year thousands of individuals and businesses in the UK and abroad rely on our specialist advice & representation tailored to their circumstances, free of legal jargon and aimed to help them secure their personal and business goals with ease.

Review our services below to choose one suitable for you and book an online, phone or office consultation to get the UK’s best lawyers to help develop the best possible case and increase your chances of success.

Online, Phone, Office Consultation

This verbal consultation package is suitable for you if you need one-off advice before you retain our services to make an application or if you want to make the application yourself and need to get answers about the legal requirements, your eligibility and the way forward.

Written Consultation

This consultation gives you advice on your eligibility for an application, legal requirements and the way forward.

The advice will be confirmed in writing afterward which you may use to help with your application.

Application Preparation / Review

In this service we can either help you prepare your application or review an application you have already prepared.

We will also review the required supporting documents ensuring that all all applicable legal requirements are met which will increase your prospects of success.

You will then submit the application under your own name yourself.

Full Service (Legal representation)

This covers advice, eligibility assessment, document review, application preparation, legal arguments supporting your application, and submission with legal representation which means the application will be made by us as your lawyers.

UK Home Office will stay in touch with us throughout the process and we’ll answer their queries until your application is finally determined.

Business & Work

Skilled Worker Visa

For highly skilled workers and professionals

Health & Care Visa

For healthcare professionals

Start up Visa

For establishing a new innovative business

Innovator Founder Visa

For running an innovative business

Global Talent Visa

For talented professionals in science, digital technology, arts and culture

Global Business Mobility Visa

To perform an eligible job at your employer’s UK branch

Youth Mobility Visa

For young people from eligible countries

High Potential Individual Visa

For those with an eligible qualification

British National (Overseas) visa

For British nationals from Hong Kong

Scale-up Visa

For those coming to do an eligible job in UK

Sponsor License

For employers to sponsor overseas workers

Business Visit Visas

Short visits for business people

Graduate Visa

For those who’ve finished their degrees

Business Visit Visas

Short visits for business people

Family & Ancestry

Fiance(e) & Spouse Visas

Settlement, fiance(e), spouse, partner, unmarried and civil partner visas

Parent of a Child Visa

For a parent of a child in the UK

Adult Relative Visa

For dependent adult relatives

Ancestry Visa

For descendants of a British grand parent


Student Visas

For students

Child Student Visa

For child students

EU Nationals

Pre-Settled & Settled Status

 For the EU nationals and families

Frontier Worker Permit

For workers from the EU

Human Rights

Discretionary Leave

 For people with exceptional, compassionate and compelling circumstances

Domestic Violence

For those who suffer domestic violence

Asylum & Humanitarian Protection

For refugees and those at risk of persecution

Children with long residence

For those who have spent most of their life in UK

Family Visit Visas

For visiting family and friends and tourism

Long Residence

For adults with long term residence

Settlement & Citizenship

Indefinite Leave to Remain

For settling in the UK permanently

British Citizenship

For naturalisation & registration as a citizen

British Passport

Travel document and proof of citizenship

Renunciation & Resumption

For renouncing and resuming citizenship

Appeals & Bails


For challenging an unlawful decision

Reconsideration Requests

For reconsideration of application decisions

Administrative Reviews

For administrative reviews of decisions

Detention & Bails

For those being detained

Maximize your chances of success by getting specialist legal advice for your application. Use the button below to book your online, phone or office consultation.